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Marketing Strategy | Website Development | Identity/Branding Print Collateral | UI/UX | Copywriting | Trade Shows | Packaging Photography | Wayfinding/Outdoor | Motion Graphics | Creative Consulting | Wordpress/Divi | More

 For Ministries
Need a solid communications strategy to share the Good News in a relevant way? Begin a Capital Campaign? Rebrand your Ministry? Or maybe set up a monthly outreach email campaign to your Members / Supporters? There are many ways to reach your marketing goals and we would like to help you do so. Whether you want to reach Millennials, engage existing Members, or pique the interest of Seekers and Returners, we will develop a solution that is as unique as the need. Made for Believers by Believers.
Ministry Samples

Monthly Amplifier Newsletter
Wesleyan Church/Global Partners

Logo Development
Watermark Church

Ranting & Raving Board Game
North Point Community Church

HOPE Tshirt Artwork
Heart for Africa

 For Technology Firms
Do you need to roll out your new Product or SaaS effectively, to reach your Prospects? Online ads to build awareness? A new website done by a reliable outside partner (even though your internal IT dude says he ‘knows HTML pretty well’? Or, perhaps you need a fresh, new Trade Show Booth design for the upcoming show…We love tech, from medical equipment and phones, to the IoT to smart homes, software…and all the gadgets in between. Let’s generate some buzz for your technology product or service.
Technology Samples

Web Site

nLighten Logo/Identity
nLighten Product Brochure

Web Site

Quastar Logo/Branding
RS 2400V Sell Sheet
RadSource Technology

 For Corporate Communications
Oh yes, we previously worked, for years, full-time in Corporate Communications departments – back when you had to wear a tie every day!  (Also employed at a few agencies and design studios, too. Sans tie.) So we can relate when the AVP comes down from the 9th floor fretting that her marketing piece won’t be ready in time. Or the gentleman in Engineering that needs to run an ad in the next issue but has not given you even rough copy yet. Or, fresh images for your social media posts, infographics and more. Let us do the work and you get the glory!
CorpComm Samples

Web Site
ESI of Tennessee

Collateral Brochure

Capabilities Brochure Edward Andrews Homes

Web Site




As a booming non-profit, our community outreach (which includes branding and marketing) is the life-blood to expanding our missional footprint. Not a week goes by that we don’t receive gushing compliments specifically regarding our branding and marketing pieces…and for which we are delighted to receive all the credit ;-). (Thanks Mark Misenheimer!!)

Shawn Murphy  Development Director, Summit Counseling

We’ve used Mark’s web and print creative services for our ventures such as Torad, iPartners and the the annual High Tech Ministry event, and are pleased with the results and plan to continue the relationship.

Charlie Paparelli  Founder, Paparelli Ventures

I have enjoyed working with Mark for over 20 years on a variety of client projects. His understanding of the client’s vision and implementation is unsurpassed. More recently he developed a logo for my own business. His holistic approach to establishing my brand has gotten my company many compliments and positive notice.

Chitra Subbarayan  Principal,

Mark listened to what I was trying to show, and came back with a stellar design that perfectly captured what I was trying to project. He built a fantastic site, on time and under budget, even with me changing my mind a handful of times. I would totally recommend Misenheimer Creative as a top notch web site designer, and plan to use them again in my future endeavors.

Doug  Enterprise Technology Strategist, Microsoft

I have worked with a lot of design experts and what sets Mark apart is his ability to “get me” or my business concept quickly. I can give the “sketchiest of details”, Mark asks a few questions then comes back with a rough draft (to start), that is either what I was thinking or an improvement. I highly recommend!

Andy Christiansen  Founding Partner, Capacity7

Misenheimer Creative, Inc. is Ready to Propel Your Marketing + Creative Campaigns and Projects.

There is never a fee for the first consultation, so reach us at 678.777.3165 or email hello@misenheimer com. If you prefer, fill out the simple form at right and we will be back in touch in short order.

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Creative Brief

Answer a few questions about your project.
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Organizing Your Content and Assets

Tips to help you gather and share your text, images and more.
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Sample Estimate

An example Estimate (but yours will be custom.)
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Logo Theory

Thoughts on the Logo design and development process.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know, and more (About Misenheimer Creative, Inc.)… Well, almost.

Q1: So…tell me again, what exactly does do? provides Marketing + Creative services for Ministries, Technology firms and in-house Corporate Communications departments. We help them sell their products/services, advertise their events or compellingly present their viewpoint. All since 2002.
Q2: In which business markets do you specialize?
Based on past in-house work experience for larger corporations, ad agencies, design studios, in Charlotte and Atlanta, our sweet spot is marketing/creative for Ministries, Technology firms and in-house Corporate Communications departments. Work for Ministries is especially intriguing because that work often ‘does good’ and applies not only on ‘the now’ but also on Eternity.
Q3: What are the main types marketing/creative services that you provide for your Clients?
Web Development/Design, Logo/Branding Development, and Print Collateral are the 3 primary offerings, but we have lots of experience in other types of pieces as well, such as Marketing Strategy, Trade Shows, Signage (wayfinding), Outdoor (billboards), Vehicle Wraps, Product Packaging, Motion Graphics, Photography, Book Covers, Social Media Post Graphics, Copy/Content Development, UX/UI Design/Development, Videography and some Marketing Automation. Whew! What don’t we do? (After all, It is hard to be an expert at everything, huh?!) We typically do not do any tv or radio broadcast work, nor do we handle a firm’s social media posts and presence. (Social Media Management). Or Plumbing. Definitely not good at plumbing. We can, however, price, mange and press check commercial print jobs for you.
Q4: What steps do you take to accurately estimate a price for me?
We love for you to tell us all about your project/campaign so that we may understand it better, and thus meet your visual communications needs. This process simply outlines steps we take to insure that we understand what you want to produce, in the medium that you want it produced, the target date it is due, the content you have on hand and, of course, the budget.
• discovery of what need/objective/information you wish to communicate
• determine the format for this communication piece (via web site, print, presentation, trade show, signage, etc.)
• determine the scope and size of project (full campaign or a project, number of pages, number of different pieces, etc.)
• availability of your content (if you have, or we need to create or source, your final text, high-res-imagery, downloads, etc.)
• discuss due date, budget, other specifics
• we provide you with an estimate. Prior to starting work, we typically provide an estimate the price for the total project/campaign, so that we will both know the final price beforehand, rather than charge you by the hour.
• you approve estimate
• we begin work (please see Q6 below)
Q5: Once the price is agreed upon, what is the overall workflow process itself like?
This is where the fun starts for both of us! We begin work, by conceptualizing, sketching, looking at your competition’s branding, and other methods. We develop several roughs for your review, then you share your comments with us. We take your comments and revise the roughs to be a little tighter, and send you a new round of revised designs or concepts. This continues for 3-4 rounds. This way, we are both using the same ‘visual baseline’; you are seeing and getting what you want, mixed with our best practices and trends of the design world.
Specifically, the steps are:

• we send you roughs (such as logo sketches, web site wireframes, brochure layouts, etc.) to establish agreed upon direction
• you provide us wth your input and edits, for the presented roughs
• we refine the design work based on your input, and send to you
• you provide us wth your input and edits, on the latest designs we sent
• etc., usu continues 3-4 rounds (until you are happy with the piece)
• once final, you approve it one last time, and the design/site/files are released to you
• invoice for the work is sent to you

Please reach out to us at or 678.777.3165, with any questions at all.

Q6: All about Payments: when are they due? Can I pay by credit card? Client retainer arrangements?and more…
For first-time clients, we require 50% of the total up front. After that first job, we simply invoice you at the completion of the project/campaign, net 15, going forward. A mailed check is certainly fine. We can also accept credit cards, however, we get charged a 3% fee for the credit card processor so we add that 3% on to your final invoice that you want to pay by credit card (hey, maybe a few more airline miles at least). If you would like to discuss retainers or an ongoing schedule of work, which are great, then please reach out to us at or 678.777.3165.
Q7: How much will my (website/logo/printed piece) cost?
Ah! I wish I knew as well…(yes, this is where I say “it depends on the functions and features you want”, which is quite true.) If you were considering having a house custom built, and asked the contractor, ‘hey, how much would you charge to build me a house?”, he or she would likely not blurt out a price but ask some questions to determine its size, if you already owned the land, what type of construction material and so forth. But if you are still reading, and I know some of you are, you really want a range… just give me the minimum and the maximum! Well, very broadly speaking, a simple web site can cost just shy of $1000, and high-ed sites might go $35,000, or more.
Q8: What factors influence the estimated price for a web site?
Usually, the main items that drive a site’s cost are:
1) the site’s complexity (functionality desired, animation, SEO needs, number of site pages, videos, if connected to 3rd party applications, etc);

2) the front end, which is the time spent on design and initial edits from Client after seeing the design; (usu 3 rounds of edits included)

3) the time spent on additional edits that were previously approved but the Client brought in additional stakeholders late in the game or they themselves changed their mind;

4) the back end, which is the development/coding/databases/forms/and final installation of the site on your server and the availability of the Client to approve things or answer questions, so we can keep rolling; and lastly, especially, the number of edits to the design/code *after* the site is underway. (sorta like building a house then halfway through you want to add a room or similar).

5) “Scope Creep” – when you ask for pricing to specifically do A, B, C and D, which we do; but then you later also also ask, either unwittingly or not, if we can also ‘throw-in’ E, F, G … Z.

you will always know the baseline cost before beginning for the needs/specs we agree on. For time over and above time approved by you, we will let you know beforehand that this will increase the scope (and the price) and you can approve that first.Stock photography only adds about $20 per image used, so not a huge cost. Custom photography can vary, $500-$2000, depending on shots/time.

Q9: How long will it take to complete my (website/logo/printed piece)?
This also varies based on desired site functions and features, but we can only go as fast as you approve concepts and designs that we send to you. That is, if we send you a few concepts to review, 5 days after we began, but we do not hear back from you regarding edits or thoughts for 3 weeks, then we are already almost 4 weeks in. If you reply quickly, we can edit and go to the next stage of editing/designing/finalizing much more quickly, as well. We don’t want to proceed very far without your clear approval, since it is your money. So we wait until you’ve had a chance to get back to us, so that we don’t waste our time and you don’t get some of your budget consumed by unneeded work.
Q10: How many edits can I make once we get started?
We typically note in the Estimate that the goal is 3-4 rounds. After that, we can stop and talk about options for increasing the scope or selecting one of the previously presented options. We will never exceed the amount on the Estimate until we get your approval first. No one likes higher-cost surprise bills.
Q11: What is a Creative Brief, and why would you request that I fill one out?
A Creative Brief is basically a series of questions about your project/campaign, which not only helps me understand the goals for your project, but helps you further delineate them in your own mind, as well. You can see it here.
Q12: What will you need from me to start my (website/logo/printed piece)?
I thought you would never ask! (Sorry, bad joke.)Unless we are helping with these items that follow, to save time later, please start gathering/finding your existing/creating:


A) your best Company vector logo file (.eps or adobe illustrator)

B) for websites specifically: the hosting and site login credentials (passwords, usernames, etc.); we will need to move your hosting plan to a Linux server if it is on a Windows server, something that the hosting company does for us, but there is usually no charge to do this. If you do not yet have hosting (basically server space on the Internet where your web site files will “live”) and/or the domain name (the name of your site, like “”), then you can choose and set up both, easily, at a host of your choice., or will both work for hosting quite well, from $7 to $20 month (less if ‘on sale’ – just do a search for “GoDaddy Coupon” or etc for a code-usu. there is one avail.), and just choose the basic plan if you are not selling product or have high bandwidth; or if you want the very highest end hosting, dedicated exclusively to wordpress, then WPEngine, about $20/Month and up)-but not needed for most sites. Try to get a domain name that is your business name. “Oak Barrel Western Steakhouse” should be something like (“” or “”) and not ( or “”) Once you register with a host, they will send you an email with a lot of login credentials (your hosting account password and user name, probably your c-panel password and user name, maybe FTP passwords and etc.) so keep a copy of that info for yourself and then forward it to me so that we can set up the site. (you can change the passwords to new ones, once we hand the site back over to you, when we are done, if you wish)

C) for websites specifically: basic button names (i.e.,which is the main navigation sections you want, like About, Products, Contact, etc.),

D) the individual, approved text and image content for each page (one for About, Products, Contact, etc.),

D) your other existing (high res) photos, images, and illustrations that you want to use on all forthcoming pages;

go to this site, if you wish, to easily send me large files, up to 2 GBs:

E) for other imagery/photos that you want, but may not have, we can find it via stock photography or etc. (that is, if you (or we) want a photo of a, say, “person balancing on a tightrope” to demonstrate something metaphorically about one of your business services, then you may not have that image but we can show you various stock photo options or create that imagery for you, as needed)

F) for websites specifically: your firm’s pdfs/white papers/infographics/other content that you want t allow users to download from the site, if any

G) for websites specifically: URLs of sites you like or notes that you want a large series of sliding photos or want to have a newsletter sign up area or want a big block of copy, basically an idea of what kind of look you want so we can cater the solution to what you want

H) your ongoing ideas, mixed with our ideas!

One additional note regarding sending us the website text and image content, it is often good delineate the text/images for each page/section/ chapter very clearly, so that there is no question what goes where:

For example, you could send content via several individual emails:
email 1 would have the text and image(s) for the “Home” page;
email 2 would have the text and image(s) for the “About Us” page;

Q13: Will you give me the exact visual that I ask for?
Most likely, I will give you a sketch of what you say you want, but then also provide a sketch of what you actually need (one that is Prospect-focused). The latter most always ‘wins’.
Q14: Do you provide references to past Clients?
Of course, once we are seriously considering working together. Simply email me to request those at and I will try to supply references from your or a similar industry.
Q15: Have you ever worked as a full-time employee, at Agencies or in Corporations, as a Designer, Art Director and/or Creative Director?
Yes. I have been a Graphic Designer (10 years), Art Director (2 years) and Creative Director (4 years) for other design firms and corporate communications departments, in Atlanta and Charlotte. I incorporated Misenheimer Creative, Inc. in 2002 and have been its ‘Creative Director/Founder and Chinchilla Farmer’ since then. If you would like to see my full background via my resumé, please see:
Q16: In the unlikely event that typos or errors are present in the final marketing piece(s), who is responsible?
Despite our best efforts during conceptualization, designing, editing, proofing and finalizing a piece, typos rarely creep in, either from the originally provided content or in the workflow. Can’t see the forest for the tress, one might say. We will use software spellcheckers and look diligently at the piece. You will also have seen the piece at least 3 times, during design/revision stages, so we ask you to proof carefully each time you see it. Once you to approve the final one, after making the last batch of the edits, you are responsible. The good news is, for websites, text and image errors are easily fixable. (printed piece? not so much). So the moral of the story is, please proof very carefully at each revision stage and when you say it is final, make sure it really is final – because we will believe you!
Q17: I have the basic idea for a (website/logo/printed piece) sketched out or I know what I want already in my head; can you ‘finalize it’ for me for a reduced fee?
Regretfully, no. Generally building on another’s non-professional foundation results in a poor outcome.
Q18: Do you do ‘Pro Bono’ (reduced pricing or free) marketing work for non-profit or faith-based firms?
Yes, at times, for a cause we believe in. Please reach out to us at or 678.777.3165 to discuss this more.
Q19: I see all these design samples on the site... Is all of this really your actual work?
All the design work seen on is the work of the Founder, Mark Misenheimer. After all, we have been providing marketing and creative services since 2002, and before that if you count our time at agencies and corporate communications departments. Each Client is unique and has specialized needs for their marketing. Sometimes, the Client has a budget that allows for full custom, creative expression and exploration; and that gives us great latitude to take the time to do most everything. However, at other times, when a Client’s budget is more limited, we may use some stock imagery or parts thereof, or stock photography rather than do an on-location, custom photo shoot, which may fit the Client’s budget better. Further, we do have alliance members that we know and trust that we employ for services outside such as commercial printing, SEO work, some web site coding (development), heavy production, or thick copywriting needs, all done under our watchful eye. But yes, by and large, the concepts, the “feel”, and the design work that you see here was created by Mark Misenheimer.
Q20: I am kinda freaked out over the “Jesus” reference at the bottom of this site…why shouldn’t I be?
I am glad you asked. (I would likely ask too.) And you are in good company, as the 10,345th Asker (or thereabouts).Actually, “faith stuff” rarely comes up (unless you are a Ministry.) We strive to be the kind of people that other people would want to work with: honest, fair, patient, conscientious, reliable, provide a fair value, and etc., which is the same that we all want from our government, or our physicians, dentists, brokers, and etc., to deal with us. So…nope, you won’t get pressured or anything even remotely like that.This ‘stance’ is actually a bumper, of sorts, that prevents some industries (adult industries, illegal activities or designing for people that put pineapple on pizza, etc.) from even contacting me in the fist place. Simply put, we are Jesus-Followers; we believe that everyone will live forever somewhere. We have not arrived to any spiritual high ground. We sin daily; but by faith we are enjoying God’s provision of grace for all Eternity. We know that valuing character traits, such as kindness, honesty, patience, and providing value, is good thing in both business and personal dealings.
Q21: My question is not listed here. How can I find an answer?
No problem. We would be glad to talk ‘live’ or email with you at no cost or obligation. Please reach out to us at or 678.777.3165, with any questions, and we will try to help.
Founder, Mark Misenheimer

With a 4-year degree in graphic design received from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (with Cum Laude honors), Mark T. Misenheimer has been providing strategic Graphic Design/Marketing solutions full-time for decades. Working as a designer and art director in Corporate Communications, Retail, Ad Agencies and Design Studios in the Charlotte and Atlanta metro areas, he started Misenheimer Creative, Inc., in 2002. We specialize in marketing + creative services for Ministries, Technology Firms and Corporate Communications departments. Some of these services include web development, identity/logo development, collateral/brochures, social media post graphics, ads, infographics, direct mail, packaging, trade show booth design, POS, and more. Don’t forget to visit our Blog, as well. We want to help you meet your Marketing objectives to increase your marketshare, and welcome your inquiries. Contact us for a no obligation Chat or Estimate at 678.777.3165.

Cut to the chase and contact us at 678.777.3165 or via Email! 




“What the…?”

“Politically Incorrect?”

“Is this guy fearless or foolish?”

Excellent Questions.

And here is the answer: Jesus Christ.

Now, I am not some sentimental super-saint, and I don’t claim to be better than the next person – but if we believe in something, really believe it, do we keep it quiet? Play the safe game? If so, our sincerity is quickly called into question.

So, I am just ‘coming clean.’ I am a Believer, a sinner ‘saved exclusively by God’s grace,’ and only because of God’s love shown through Christ – not because any so-called ‘good’ that I may do. He has invited those who receive Him to call him ‘Heavenly Father’, or actually, ‘Dad’. Wow. (I’m still getting used to that one). It’s pretty cool to be invited into a relationship with the One and Only, the One who conceptualized, created, sustains and sovereignly and benevolently rules over all matter, time and space that there ever was, is, and will be; and yet, He loves us, though he is all-knowing, present everywhere at all times, and all-powerful. He can’t be stopped!

Once you are His, you can never sin His love away. He will hold you for all eternity. You will fall, but over time, he will ‘sanctify’ you, that is, make you more and more like Jesus, until He calls you Home.

Jesus didn’t leave any wiggle room – he said hard stuff like he was the only way to get to God, that he and God were one in the same and that if you refused to acknowledge him on earth, then he  would not acknowledge you in Heaven (which he said was a real place).

So, that’s it. God’s kindness, His offer, leads us to Him, and I am just sharing the answer. Many offers are out  there – the most important question you’ll ever ask in this life is, “Is there a God and can I know Him?”

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He wants you! May your questioning help you personally find the love, acceptance and forgiveness offered by the Answer himself.

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Key Life
Christianity Today
North Point Community Church
Christian Thinktank
Equip (‘The Bible Answer Man’)

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